Badhaka planet astrology

Both of these planets have the capability to produce maraka effects especially when afflicted. Here Jupiter being 6th lord and in relation with these two maraka may not create many troubles because Jupiter has lordship over auspicious 9th house also. The main condition for this is Jupiter should not be weak in strength. Both are maraka here and should not be afflicted especially by Venus. Saturn has dual lordship where Saturn rules over ascendant also. If Saturn gets affliction then it will be a double blow for health.

Moon is a fast moving planet and gets affliction easily than any other planet. Also due to its frequent transit which happens in every 2. Though here I am talking about transit but still it is worth to mention here. Both if these should be free from affliction especially by Mars and Ketu. Mars due to its dual lordship over 9th house may not prove a serious Maraka planet but Mercury here should strong and unaffiliated especially by Sun and Saturn. The paragraph above shows the glimpse of Maraka role of Planets for all ascendant and in actual practice, there will always be permutation and combinations where Marakas will be connected to other houses and planets and a dynamic approach is required for its analysis.

And I can do the same for you which can help you to realize your full potential with your life report and plan better for the future. Hello all! For more information about me, you can check the Author page where I have given a lot of information about myself. Good Luck!! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. February 27, Example Horoscope. Related Posts. Jupiter is the 5th lord placed in the 9th house.

Badhak Bhava: house of obstruction

It is aspected by Yogakaraka Mars. But Mars is also the Badhaka planet and Jupiter is in the Badhaka house. Therefore, the native was told that he would be denied promotion. The native was denied promotion even though everything looked in his favour. In the above manner the effect of Badhaka planet should be determined.

The transit of Mars from Scorpio and Sagittarius aspecting the natal Mercury was also adverse. Regards J.

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Success is when skill meets opportunity. Failure is when fantasy meets reality. In this horoscope Yogakaraka Mars is well placed in an Upachaya Sthana. Regards j. Badhak in 12 th is good. Om Namah Shivaya Dear Parthasarathy badhaka associating with 6th house is not good, as it gives lot of pain and suffering.

Generally badhaka in 12th house gives very good results, example being PV Narasimha rao our ex prime minister. Were there any examples, charts etc provided by Mr. Parthasarathy to illustrate his claim?

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Knowing how thorough you are you would have posted that information but I thought I should ask anyway. My badhaka lord is in 12th, and i have the first hand, hands on experience of the fact , that it is good in the 12th. I have a sagitarius lagna and mercury the lord of 7th and 10th is in 12th. For this we consult the Purana where Saturn wanted to learn the dharma shastra and approached Brihaspati. Initially Brihaspati explained the system in his ashram and the dakshina would be based on his judgment. On learning of the latters identity as 'Sanideva' Brihaspati was shocked and was prepared to teach everything and would not take any dakshina and begged that he be spared from sade-sati, kanataka and all those effects.

Badhaka in astrology what rules

Sanidev was adamant and insisted that he would give dakshina. So it was finally settled that the dakshina would be in the form of a reduced term of sadesati. Brihaspati taught him all the dharma shastra and Sanidev became the Dharmaraja having the complete knowledge of the implementation of justice that is why the balance Libra is the ninth house from Aquarius. One day as he plucked flowers for his daily worship, the royal couple were in the neighborhood and the prince Mercury entered the garden to play.

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  • The prince was missing after sometime and a frantic search yielded nothing. The guards reported to the king that a divine person, glowing with spiritual light was collecting flowers and they saw blood dripping through the basket.

    Subir Talks Astrology: Difference between Marak and Badhaka planets

    The king ordered that the person Brihaspati be brought to him and told the guards not to harm him as it would be most unwise to even touch such a personality before ascertaining the truth. The wise king knew the danger to his kingdom if such great spiritual personalities are hurt. The severed head of the prince was in the basket and blood was dripping from the neck note: chinna mastaka or cut-head is the mark of Rahu. Brihaspati was shocked and truthfully pleaded his innocense. But the evidence clearly visible pointed against him, so he was held captive but was not tortured and the search continued.

    Categorization of astrological signs on the basis of Ascendant

    The period ended then and there and suddenly everyone saw that what looked like the head of the prince was just the watermelon and the red fluid was not blood and instead was the red water melon juice. The prince was found Now look at the Jyotish lessons in this: When Saturn causes sade-sati, or kantaka or has a bad dasa, and the dosha error is to be caused by the hand of extra-terrestrial forces, then it is called 'Adrista agantuta roga'.

    Prasna Marga advises us to look at the badhak for this as the object or the cause. Now that you know the ascendant sign quality, let's discuss the Badhakesh houses and their rulers. The question now is does Badhakesh planets cause any issues or problem? If for Aquarius ascendant the 9th lord Venus sitting in the 7th house shows that one will not get any benefit from higher education or higher learning, not only because Venus is a bhadakesha planet, but it's sitting in the marka house which is 7th house. Venus is saying that getting higher education will pretty much be a self inflecting death.

    Now, if Venus as the 9th lord for Aquarius is sitting in the 9th or 5th house itself, it's not restricting the native from receiving from benefiting from higher education, rather bringing distraction from or through women that may cause obstacles for the native. If Venus is in the 8th house being the badhakesh planet, that, too, is a problem for attaining higher education as 8th house is maraka house, dushtana house where 9th lord Venus came to die, but, such statement only means in regards to the 9th house of moral. What Venus is now doing is bringing sudden transformation towards the real Venus things like cinema, entertainment, love, lust, sex and romance.