Weekly astrology february 3 2020 shah

Motivation to perform well may inspire you on the academic front.

Getting property or a new vehicle registered in your name is possible. Becoming a confidante of someone important cannot be ruled out. A happy mix of healthy eating and exercise will benefit. Diplomacy is likely to prove an asset to keep complications out of your life. On the academic front, you will succeed in whatever you undertake. You will do much to bring peace and harmony at home.

Don't remain on a guilt trip on the romantic front, but take life as it comes. Your monetary situation, which was showing an uncertain trend, is likely to stabilise. You may be nearing something you have been eagerly awaiting, expect the outcome to be favourable.

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Here is your horoscope for October 19, Check out what the stars say your day will be like today. LEO July Aug 23 Excellent bonding with someone you like will encourage you to share even your personal thoughts and feelings. For sports news , updates, live scores and cricket fixtures , log on to indiatoday.

The song can build you up with its power and promise. Let your inner song guide you as you show your brilliance to the world. Capricorn or Capricorn Rising A colorful quilt. Piece by piece, the boring fabric squares come together to create a work of art. You can find a way to transcend reality. The quilt represents transcendence. It can also represent comfort. Settle into a cozy nook and find a process like meditation that will help you move past your emotional blocks and connect with your higher self.

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There are times when you should indulge your scholarly side and be pragmatic. And there are times when you need to embrace your weird and join the party. Go out and connect with them. Let it be fun. The more you connect to others, the easier it will be to connect with yourself. Pisces or Pisces Rising A garden made of candy. Your rewards are blossoming. Expansion is emotional.

Let yourself feel what you need to feel. And meanwhile, inject your work with a sweet new philosophy or truth. Aries or Aries Rising The view from the plane. A new perspective will help you feel energized. Connect to your values.

Taurus Full Moon Power and Magic That Lasts! Nov 10-16 2019 Astrology Horoscope

These values can help you know that you are on track, and from there you can enjoy being your regular spontaneous self. If you are feeling skeptical, try to unpack where that comes from. Your current mode of operation should be optimism, so fly a little higher in the sky. Taurus or Taurus Rising Mining on the Moon. If you are feeling monotonous or resistant, ask yourself if there is a feeling that you are avoiding.

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And go even deeper…what do you need to release? Your emotions can give you golden information. Keep mining and processing. The Sagittarius Full Moon brings a moment of clarity in explosive times. In this image, an eruption has already occurred.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

The Sagittarius Full Moon says you can find your own true direction, even in times of stress. Not only must you deal with the build-up of pressure, but you must use it to define your path. What does your humanity represent for you at this time? Where are you headed? Are you optimistic enough to believe that you can get there? Before we examine the cosmic pressure that caused this volcano to erupt, notice the Truth that feels alive to you right now.

Some statement you need to make or some stand you need to take. In the symbol, the lava finds its direction with the help of gravity. It flows down the volcano.

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The Sagittarius Full Moon is in a square to foggy, intuitive Neptune. Find your Truth by connecting with inner Yes and inner No. There is clarity somewhere in there, but you may need to do some self-reflection in order to connect with it. We respond naturally to the pull of gravity.

Virgo August Horoscope

Receive the pull of your higher self. Instead of forcing your way to your Truth, get quiet and notice what feels expansive. Go slowly towards your Yes. At every Full Moon, two opposite signs are activated. This Moon in Sagittarius reflects the full light of the Sun in Gemini. Gemini energy is curious and lively. Gemini sends out scouts to find information, which Sagittarius then distills into the Truth. In the symbol, the lava explores the surface of the volcano.

There are many directions to take. You are exploring. But which True pathway will you choose? How will you decipher between the many thoughts, opinions and facts that you are collecting? In the end you will go your own way. You will need to. But for a moment you may flow in many directions at once. Let it be okay and gather information as you go.

So why did this volcano erupt in the first place?