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I also make stiff poses, and have trouble giving facial expressions. Probably adds to my ability to read other's emotions by examining their expressions, movements, etc.

Photographica trine NN and Mc probably involves a career or purpose seeing what others don't initially see and showing them what I see from my vantage point. IP: Logged.

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You probably have an easy time understanding subliminal msgs behind images. I know that for me it takes a while to comprehend those sort of pics. Curious because some sites say it's good, others say it's a heavy burden of responsiblities.

Plus they become my Sun sign in my 9th harmonic, which represents who you become as a adult the placements you mature into. Which makes perfect sense because I'm not photogenic at ALL. My idea is that it just takes more practice visualizing your angles, expressions, knowing where the light hits your face, etc.

No, trust me. I photograph pretty poorly lmao. I wonder about the validity of associating it with photographic memory also, because I have a pretty good memory and as a kid it was even scary.

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Something akin to a charming, feminine troubadour, Erato was often depicted with a lyre-like instrument so was Sappho! Erato was also said to be an adept mimic.

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Asteroid Erato appears in the charts of those that use feminine powers of seduction, especially through word and song. Clio was the Greek muse of history, and as such, shows up prominently in the charts of historians, writers, researchers, academics and anyone that dedicates things to the written record even diary or journal keepers.

I find Kassandra tends to show up in the charts of orators, speakers, activists, broadcasters and research journalists that operate right on the edge of breaking stories that run against the current status quo. Due to the nature of their stories, a certain amount of cognitive dissonance is created and the greater public does not always see or believe their point of view.

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Poesia is exactly what it says it means: poetry. Elatus is not an asteroid, but a Centaur. Positive: Excellent communication, articulate, precise. Negative: Verbose, boastful, shallow in conversation. You can find a short list of them. You can find a short list of them here , but the full list is available on Wikipedia.

Astrology: asteroid PHOTOGRAPHICA.

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